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Data Insight for People

Digital analytics solutions for people-intensive organisations

Work with Machinable to get the most of out of data and enable your team to make the best decisions

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Our Solutions

Our solutions and services target the high leverage points within organisations where digital analytics makes the most impact

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Strategic Planning

Strategic decision support analyses and tools 
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Stakeholder Insight

Next gen customer / employee insight research, segmentation and value proposition design
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Operational Insight

Business simulation for operating model design and other key business decisions
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Bespoke Digital Tools

Sales, operations and finance analytical tools for performance improvement
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Skills & Capabilities

Digital analytics readiness assessment, enablement and staff training
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Our People

Machinable was set up by two experienced strategy and data analytics professionals. We employ the brightest minds in analytics, technology and change management.

For each engagement, we bring together highly analytical business consultants and data scientists with strong communications skills, curiosity and drive to solve problems. Together, they bring  the expertise required to effectively support people intensive organisations:

  • Expertise in advanced analytics, AI and machine learning
  • In-house operational knowledge of people-intensive organisations
  • Practical experience in strategy, operating model and change management
  • Understanding of latest behavioural sciences learnings to drive adoption and change

We are recruiting…

Contact us if you are interested in a career in machine learning or artificial intelligence either as a data scientist or management consultant.


252B Gray’s Inn Rd
London WC1X 8XG
 +44 (0)207 239 7900
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